Behavior Policy & Code of Conduct

Character Education: The mission of the Imagine School at Town Center is to assist parents in educating their children through a challenging program of study and strong character development. The school’s approach to learning will provide the tools children need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. The character mission of Imagine School Town Center is to foster a warm yet academically rigorous environment where good character guides all actions and where all stakeholders join together to arm our students with the inner sense that they have the power and the responsibility to take ownership of their success and to be a force for good in the world.

I am interested in educating the “whole child.”  Meaning not just meeting the academic need of your child, but also getting to know them and meeting their social and emotional needs as well.  I weave character education into each day and strive to monitor student growth in each of these areas as well.  We will be recognizing and celebrating students of the month and week in our classroom throughout the entire year.

ISTC Code of Conduct:


Discipline Matrix: